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Few things are as serious as being charged with a felony offense. Felony convictions often carry long sentences that can range anywhere from a year in prison to a lifetime behind bars, or even the death penalty. A felony conviction can also end up costing you several thousand dollars in penalties. Typically a conviction stays on your record forever.

Georgia is unique in that they passed the First Offenders Act, which enables a first time offender to be completely exonerated and confident that a first offender can honestly say they have not been convicted of a crime. The act doesn't cover certain types of crimes, such as sexual assault. If felony charges have been brought against you, Canton criminal lawyer, Benjamin Bradley Reed, is available to speak with you and discuss your situation. He has extensive trial experience and is an expert in all facets of criminal law. Passionate about defending people, he will fight relentless on your behalf and will work day and night to help you fight the charges being brought against you.

Understanding Felony Convictions

In Georgia, felony convictions often result in long prison terms, including:

  • Murder: Life in prison or death penalty
  • Drug Crimes: 1-30 years in prison, and fines can run as high as a million dollars
  • Robbery: 1 year-Life in prison
  • Vehicular Homicide: 3-15 years in prison
  • Aggravated Assault: 1-20 years in prison

Getting convicted on a felony charge can have an extremely negative effect on your future. The punishment is often long and the consequences are felt long after the sentence has been served. It's absolutely imperative to obtain proper legal support in your quest to fight the charges. There are often multiple options available to you, but you need the guidance of a professional attorney in order to capitalize on them. Trying to fight a felony charge by representing yourself leaves you extremely vulnerable to making a mistake that can stay with you for the rest of your life.

Contact a Canton felony defense lawyer today to learn more about the legal options available for your specific situation.

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