DUI with Drugs Charges

Tenacious Defense for Serious Accusations in Georgia

Canton DUI with drugs defense Attorney Benjamin Reed can come to your side and act on your behalf if you have been accused of drugged driving. You will be facing some serious penalties if you are convicted. Do not give the state a chance to step over your rights without challenging the charges as best you can.

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Getting help from a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can after being arrested for a DUI offense of any kind is your best bet of building a strong defense case. The importance only escalates when your DUI charge could also be related to a drug charge, such as in a DUI with drugs case. Call (678) 647-1191 to prioritize your rights and start your defense.

Georgia Uses a “Per Se” Basis for DUI with Drug Charges

There has long been a universal system for gauging a driver’s intoxication due to alcohol. For example, almost every driver knows it is illegal and unsafe to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.08 or greater. How does Georgia measure drug impairment, though, since the trusted BAC system does not apply?

In Georgia, you can actually be charged and convicted of DUI with drugs on a “per se” basis. That is to say, if you are chemically tested for the presence of drugs in your body’s systems after being pulled over and arrested, then you can be counted as “impaired” if there is any trace of a narcotic or an impairing substance in your blood or urine.

There are many reasons why the “per se” basis is problematic, such as:

  • Miniscule traces of certain drugs like marijuana can be detected in your blood or urine days after last using it. You may be entirely sober but still charged with DUI with drugs.
  • False positives are possible due to legal drugs being detected similarly to narcotics. You might even be charged with DUI with drugs for using certain non-drowsy over-the-counter medicines before driving.

Challenge the Serious Penalties of a Conviction

Being convicted of DUI with drugs in Canton can slam you with heavy penalties. You will most likely lose your driver’s license for an extended period of time, typically one year. You can also expect high fines and fees, and the possibility of jail time since DUI with drugs is a misdemeanor crime.

Stand up for your rights by getting Attorney Reed on your side. As a former prosecutor turned Canton DUI with drugs lawyer, he is ready to represent your case with experience and insight that few others in Georgia can claim.

Learn more about his representation by reviewing his recent case results, or by contacting his form online now.

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