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Prescription drug abuse is rampant, and the nationwide opioid epidemic has put a spotlight on how many otherwise law-abiding citizens turn to extreme measures to procure more controlled substances to satisfy their burgeoning addiction. It’s important to know that Georgia’s drug laws don’t only apply to street drugs like cocaine or heroin. A person can face a criminal charge for possessing or selling prescription drugs, too, as well as committing prescription fraud or “doctor shopping” to get more pills, when their own doctor stops doling out prescriptions for their preferred substance.

If you have been arrested and face drug crime charges, a Canton prescription drug crimes attorney can help you fight for your rights and help protect your freedom. The Law Offices of Benjamin Bradley Reed, P.C. and its team of legal professionals will work on your behalf to develop a compelling defense in an attempt to get your charges dismissed, reduces, or to fight for an acquittal if your case goes to trial.

The Consequences of Prescription Drug Crimes

If you have committed prescription fraud, theft from a pharmacy, or reselling your own prescription medication to others, you can face severe penalties in Georgia. This could result in a criminal record that has lifelong negative consequences. With the help of Mr. Reed, a drug crimes defense attorney, you can count on an aggressive, dedicated approach to your defense. Contact the Law Offices of Benjamin Bradley Reed, P.C. immediately to discuss the circumstances of your case, and we will begin to investigation and build a defense on your behalf.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with Prosecutorial Experience

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Reed has tried many drug cases, and now he lends his experience to help represent people who have been charged with drug crimes both by the State of Georgia and on the federal level. Having worked on both sides of the courtroom, Mr. Reed knows the tactics prosecutors use to secure a conviction, and he knows what it takes to counter the evidence.

Contact the Canton prescription drugs crime attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed for skilled legal representation for your charges. Call (678) 647-1191 or fill out the online contact form for a speedy reply.

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