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Attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed has gained a reputation as an aggressive criminal lawyer that knows how to fight serious battles and present strategic defenses in court. The quality and determination of your defense counsel should not be underestimated - it is usually the most critical factor in the final outcome of a criminal case. Make sure you have a seasoned Canton & Marietta criminal defense attorney on your side if you have been arrested for a crime.

The presentation of the defense case, the ability to make room for reasonable doubt, and the research necessary to find witnesses to support the case are all part of the job of defending a criminal charge, and he does it all for each client.

He provides legal counsel for a wide range of criminal matters, such as:

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Attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed is on Your Side

Not matter if you face a misdemeanor or felony charge, Attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed can hear you out and fight on your behalf. He can scrutinize all the aspects relating to your arrest—were you properly informed of your rights during your arrest? Did the police officer have proper cause or a warrant to search your person, car, or home? Were you simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Questions such as these can put pressure on the prosecution and can make them eager to settle.

Attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed is an award-winning criminal defense attorney who can advocate for your innocence and freedom in court. Even if there is some substance to the charge, he can suggest mitigating circumstances to have your charges lessened which equals less time in jail and/or reduced fines for you.

Get the assistance you need by contacting a Canton criminal lawyer today.

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Attorney Reed is an accomplished, successful, widely recognized defense attorney who genuinely cares about each of his clients. Watch our video to hear more about what makes him different.

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  • Reduced to Reckless Driving 2 DUIs
  • Reduced to Reckless Driving 2nd in 5 and 5th in Life DUI
  • Not Guilty Aggravated Assault and False Imprisonment
  • Dismissed Aggravated Assault, Family Violence
  • Dismissed Aggravated Child Molestation
  • Juvenile Kept Out of Prison Aggravated Sodomy
  • NOT GUILTY Battery, Family Violence
  • Dismissed College Student has Possession of Alcohol
  • Dismissed Criminal Trespass
  • Dismissed Dog Bite Case