Why Your Choice of Defense Attorneys Really Matters

Why does it matter who you select to represent you in a criminal case, whether a DUI, violent crime or sex crime? Not all defense attorneys are equal in their abilities at trial. There is a basic fundamental that must exist in your attorney for your defense case to be successful – A Canton criminal defense attorney will believe in you, and be completely and utterly on your side in every way. You are innocent until proven guilty under the law, and the "burden of proof" lies with the prosecutor. Your attorney must be personally committed to helping you to seek justice. Another important point is the lawyer's trial abilities. There are attorneys that don't like to go to trial, and urge their clients to accept a plea – even if their client claims to be completely innocent. Unfortunately, there are many people serving time today that accepted a plea bargain when they had not committed the crime. This is one of the most terrible tragedies in the court system – a person who is advised to take a plea when they did not commit the crime.

Another factor that comes into play is the intelligence and insight of your attorney. Every defense case must be carefully strategized for success. A lawyer that can best serve you will take the time to evaluate every detail of your case – even a misdemeanor DUI – to find the areas that have errors or flaws. Without the full commitment to you and your case, it is far less likely that you will be found "not guilty". Make sure you have legal representation that genuinely cares about you, believes you and will fight for you. Check out their references, their background and their success in court. When you have an attorney with the right qualifications, you can greatly increase the possibility of a successful case outcome.

Contact Attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed for legal representation for your defense. He formerly served in the Atlanta District Attorney's Office, and has a great insight into the criminal justice process and an unmatched personal commitment to his clients.