What To Do If You Are Arrested in Canton, GA

If you are arrested in Canton, whether for a DUI, burglary, sex offense or any other crime is to remember that you MUST exercise your right to remain silent. There are countless people that in an effort to be helpful, or try to resolve the situation in some way, engage in conversations with law enforcement or investigators and damage their own cases. It is terrible to see the effect that these conversations can have, with a law enforcement officer presenting evidence that you did not appear to be upset, or that you were upset, or that they believed you didn't show the right demeanor – the list goes on. The same holds true if a law enforcement officer wants to search your car, home or office or other area over which you have control. Don't allow a search without first contacting an attorney to help you.

Under the Constitution of the United States, you have rights. It is shocking to see the number of times that an individual doesn't exercise their rights, and subsequently gets convicted. You have the right to an attorney. Make sure you have legal counsel that is truly personally interested in your case, your rights and your freedom. There is a wide range of skill in criminal defense attorneys – ensure you get one on your side that is fully committed to fighting for you. A background on the other side is an advantage, as there can be a great deal of knowledge about how the District Attorney and the prosecutor operate that can be gained serving in this office. Personal commitment, an ability to be persuasive and intelligent when presenting evidence to the court, as well as a belief in you and your case are important when you need a lawyer on your side.

If you are arrested, your first action is to contact a Canton criminal lawyer that will be committed to you and your cause. Call Attorney Benjamin Bradley Reed before you answer questions or allow searches.