Criminal Defense Case Results

DUI, Less Safe Drugs, Reduced by Prosecutor, Client Keeps License!

Client was charged with DUI, Less Safe Drugs, in which she performed field sobriety evaluations, took a blood test, had several prescription drugs in her system, but after talking with the prosecutor, the charge was reduced to reckless driving, saving client's driver's license. In Georgia, a driver does not get a work permit for a DUI drug case. Needless to say, the client was ecstatic, and she drove home from the court house herself!

No Proof of Insurance, and Case Dismissed!

Client bought a used vehicle, did not have insurance, and was stopped by the police. He clearly did not have car insurance, however, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case against client. A guilty plea to no proof of insurance automatically suspends a driver's license to drive, so our client was very happy with the results.

Underage Driver Keeps Driver's License!

Client was under 21 years of age, and he had been charged with driving 37 miles per hour over the speed limit, and this was not his first speeding ticket at that speed. After working with the prosecutor, who originally refused to reduce the speed, which automatically would have suspended the client's privilege to drive in Georgia, agreed to reduce the speed, saving the client's privilege to drive. A good, reasonable prosecutor who wisely uses his or her discretion in each and every case is invaluable to the community he or she serves.

A Simple Lie is Tough to Overcome: NOT GUILTY!

A woman and her husband took in the husband's two nephews and younger sister because the biological mothers were hooked on drugs. My client had spent years raising the three children. After a week-long hunting trip, the younger sister alleged that my client had kicked her in the face while they were in the RV, thus the government charged her with Battery, Family Violence Act. It was a simple lie, but the government believed the minor child. After a two day jury trial, the jury found my client NOT GUILTY! Another example of why the jury system is the best system we have in this country.

A Police Roadblock that led to a DUI arrest: Case REDUCED to Reckless Driving, Saving Client's Driver's License.

A man who had been at a pool hall and having consumed alcoholic beverages, got behind the wheel of his truck and was stopped at a roadblock set up by the police. A motion was filed to suppress the traffic stop because of an arguably deficient roadblock, and questionable evidence against client, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge from a DUI, saving the client's driver's license and the ordeal of a jury trial. Client was very happy, especially when the prosecutor agreed to terminate probation after four months.

Man charged with felony violence against a police officer and after a three day jury trial: NOT GUILTY!

The government charged client with felony obstruction of a police officer when it said client violently punched police officer in the chest while the police officer was on the ground. As a matter of fact, the police officer demonstrated during trial how the alleged offense occurred. During cross-examination by Mr. Reed, the jurors did not believe the officer and found him NOT GUILTY of the felony obstruction. The only offer on the table included prison time. Needless to say, client was very happy.

Young Woman charged with Domestic Violence against her brother, and Prosecutor agreed to DISMISS charges.

A young woman was charged with domestic violence against her brother, and after a thorough investigation and client cooperating, the charges were dismissed. The client was distraught during the case, but when the case was dismissed, she felt relief and was happy with the result.

Dog bite case led to criminal charges that were DISMISSED on day of trial!

Man sharing a house with two other people while in college was home when one of the roommate's girlfriend brought a small dog over and let it run free in the house. The other roommate had a large dog residing in the house and it bit the smaller dog. The government actually charged the client for the bite, and on the day set for jury trial, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case against the client. Client was happy with the result.

Judge Suppressed Methamphetamine and Gun Found During Illegal Search: CASE DISMISSED!

Woman was passenger in a vehicle with two other people, as she sat in the back seat, a police officer pulled the vehicle over because of his suspicion they were up to no good. The police officer found methamphetamine and a handgun. Even though Client was on probation, and she had waived her Fourth Amendment right from unreasonable search and seizure, after a lengthy hearing on a motion to suppress evidence, and having cross examined the police officer, the trial judge agreed with Mr. Reed, and she suppressed the evidence. Because the evidence was suppressed, the prosecutor did not have a case against the client and subsequently dismissed the charges against her. The client was extremely happy as a result!

David v. Goliath: David wins again! NOT GUILTY

A political party leader in Cherokee County, Georgia alleged that my client had "stolen" his political sign, and he called in the police department and my client was arrested and charged with Theft by Taking. It was traumatic for my client and his family because he had been a resident of the county for 25 years, and had deep roots in the community. On the witness stand, the leader of the political party claimed to be a leader of a group of conservative, law abiding citizens. During cross-examination, the jury learned that this so-called leader had violated the city ordinance more than 72 times during a 2 year period when he placed the political party's sign on private property without permission. Because he was a leader of a political party, the State refused to dismiss the charges. Thus David took his sling out and he slew Goliath! The jury listened and did not hesitate finding him NOT GUILTY!

Woman Charged with Aggravated Assault, Family Violence Act: CASE DISMISSED

A woman was charged with aggravated assault against her husband and after reviewing the evidence and discussing the case with the prosecutor, the prosecutor used her discretion and she dismissed the charges. A victory for everyone.

Vindictive Woman files TPO against Client: JUDGE DENIED TPO

A woman, who accused a client of beating her, mistreating her, humiliating her, filed a petition for a temporary protective order and the case was heard before a superior court judge. After cross-examination, the judge denied the TPO and did not require my client to present any evidence.

Jury Trial in Cobb County: Aggravated Assault and False Imprisonment - NOT GUILTY

Client was charged with two of the most serious felony charges in Georgia, and after a five day jury trial, the jury spoke the truth and found the client not guilty of the two felonies. Needless to say, the client and his family were happy.


A client was charged with Racing, which carries harsh penalties, and the prosecutor and police officer who investigated the case agreed to reduce the charges so that the client's license was not affected.

Jury Trial in Bartow County: NOT GUILTY

Client charged with Theft of Services, and after a jury was selected, evidence presented by the State of Georgia, and cross-examination by Mr. Reed, the jury agreed with Mr. Reed and found the client not guilty. The State of Georgia offered pretrial detention, but Mr. Reed's client insisted he was not guilty. Mr. Reed fought hard for his client, and the client and his family were ecstatic with the results.

Driving on Suspended License - CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was stopped for a traffic violation and the officer discovered that the client's driver's license had been suspended. Working with the prosecutor, the client got his license in good standing and the case was dismissed.

Conditional Discharge Retained

Client was on probation for possession of marijuana less than one ounce and he violated his probation with a new charge of possession of alcohol by minor. After working with the probation officer and the prosecutor, the judge listened to the case and agreed to allow client to retain his conditional discharge. If the client lost his conditional discharge, it would have affected his ability to become a private pilot. Only the judge could take the conditional discharge away, but he took a risk on the client and it will pay off for everyone.

Probation Modified to Keep a Family Together

A mother and father had been convicted of felony drug cases and were ordered to have no contact with each other. They had lost their children to DFCS, but came to Mr. Reed for a modification of probation so they may have contact with each other and get their children back. A judge agreed with Mr. Reed and allowed contact and the two have their children returned home. A family together again.

Super Speeder Charge: REDUCED & LICENSE SAVED

A client charge with traveling above the limit for super speeder laws came to Mr. Reed for help. After working with the prosecutor in the case, the speed was reduced to 14 mph over the limit, saving the client's license.

Possession of Methamphetamine: CHARGES DISMISSED

Client charged on two different occasions for possessing methamphetamine, and after a preliminary hearing and legal argument, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss one of the charges and client received probation, pursuant to conditional discharge.

Father Charged with Battery, FVA: CHARGES DISMISSED

A father, homeowner, and business man who had never been arrested before, was charged with battery, family violence act, and facing possible jail time and loss of gun rights, came to Mr. Reed for help. After aggressively representing the man, Mr. Reed worked with the prosecutor and she closely reviewed the facts of the case and agreed that the charges should be dismissed. The man and his family were very happy with the results.

3 Young Men Arrested for Drug Possession: CHARGES DISMISSED

Mr. Reed represented three young men who were passengers in a vehicle stopped by a local police officer and searched the vehicle and found marijuana, less than one ounce. After filing a motion to suppress the evidence, and having worked with the prosecutor discussing the legal and factual issues, the prosecutor agreed with Mr. Reed and she dismissed the charges against the three young men.

Client's 4th Amendment Rights Violated: CHARGES DISMISSED

After a preliminary hearing before a magistrate judge, where Mr. Reed established through cross examination that the officer violated Mr. Reed's client's Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure, the judge dismissed the charges of possession of methamphetamine and drug related object.

Juvenile Fighting in School: CHARGES DISMISSED

Parents of the juvenile defendant asked Mr. Reed to represent their son in juvenile court, and he had been charged with affray, or fighting with another student in the lunchroom. After some time, and having a thoughtful prosecutor on the other side, the charges were dismissed.

Outstanding Person Wrongfully Charged for Criminal Trespass: CHARGES DISMISSED

A man had been charged for criminal trespass by the police and the police directly called the man's integrity into question, which was uncalled for and out of line. The man was arrested, his vehicle towed, and he faced the humiliation of being accused of something he did not do. After analyzing the case and presenting it to the prosecutor, the prosecutor used her discretion and dismissed the case.


The police charged a client with DUI and charged him as such and arrested him. After working with the prosecutor on the case, the charges were reduced to public intoxication and the DUI was dismissed.

Felony Obstruction Charges Reduced to Misdemeanor

A client was charged with a felony obstruction where it was alleged she physically attacked a police officer, and after negotiations with the prosecutor, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and the client received probation.

Terroristic Threats Charges: DISMISSED

Client was charged with felony terroristic threats, facing a five (5) year sentence. After negotiations with the prosecutor, and an understanding of the facts of the case, the prosector agreed to dismiss the charge against the client.

Invalid Search Results in DISMISSAL of Methamphetamine Charges

Client charged with possession of methamphetamine, which is a felony in Georgia, and after a preliminary hearing, the prosecutor agreed there was a problem with the search of his residence and subsequently dismissed the warrant.

Juvenile Kept Out of Prison

A juvenile client was charged with aggravated sodomy as an adult, which carries a life sentence or a mandatory twenty-five (25) year prison sentence. The prosecutor agreed to send the case back to juvenile court where the client received probation with needed treatment. The family was happy with the results and the juvenile will not have to face a life in prison.

Illegal Search of Juvenile Results in Dismissal of Felony Drug Charges

Client was a juvenile charged with possession of drugs and after analyzing the case and presenting an argument to the prosecutor that the juvenile had been illegally searched, he agreed to dismiss the felony charges.

Theft by Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle: CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was charged with theft by receiving stolen property, a motor vehicle, and after an argument to the judge that the client did not know the vehicle had been stolen, the case was dismissed. The client was on probation and the case was going to be used against him in revoking his probation. The client was very happy with the results.

Deportation Averted: Felony Charges DISMISSED

Client was charged with burglary and after discussions with the prosecutor assigned to the case, realized she should not have been charged with a felony and agreed to reduce the offense to a misdemeanor and she received a time served sentence. It was important because the client was an alien here in the United States and a felony would have been the impetus for a deportation. The client and her family were pleased with the results.

Aggravated Child Molestation: CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was charged with aggravated child molestation and was facing a life sentence, or a minimum of twenty-five (25) years in prison. After a thorough investigation and assistance with an investigator, the prosecutor agreed that the client should not have been charged and dismissed the charges against him.

Cooperative Client and Prosecutor Results in Family Violence Charges DISMISSED

Client was charged with a family violence act against his step-daughter. After completing items as negotiated with the prosecutor, the charges were dismissed.

Felony Burglary Reduced to Misdemeanor

Client charged with a residential burglary and the prosecutor, after a thorough investigation by Mr. Reed's office, and negotiations with the prosecutor, agreed to reduce the offense to a misdemeanor theft by taking.

2nd in 5 and 5th in Life DUI: Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client charged with a DUI, the client's second in five years and fifth in life, had her DUI reduced to a reckless driving, which saved a license suspension.

Juvenile Avoids Prison

Juvenile client charged as an adult for Aggravated Child Molestation, which carries a mandatory life sentence in prison, that may be split with a minimum 25 years in prison, after negotiations with the prosecutor, had his case transferred to Juvenile Court where the minor child will receive treatment and not spend his life in prison.

Felony Obstruction Charge Dismissed

Client charged with Theft by Shoplifting and felony Obstruction, fighting with a police officer, and after negotiations with the prosecutor, the felony was dismissed and the client will plea to the misdemeanor

Recidivist Prison Sentence Avoided

Client had a terrible record, multiple felony convictions, and was looking at recidivist sentence with a ten (10) year maximum imprisonment. The prosecutor's original offer was five (5) years in prison, but through several negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the term of imprisonment to two (2) years without recidivist punishment.

Felony Possession of Methamphetamine Charge: DISMISSED

Client was charged with possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. After talks with the prosecutor and pointing out problems with the government's case, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the felony possession of methamphetamine, saving the client from a felony conviction and saving her driver's license.

Freedom Protected from the Strong-arm of a Governmental Agent

A client was walking down a road when a police officer stopped him and searched him and found cocaine on his person. Mr. Reed challenged the search as an illegal search and the trial judge, after cross-examination of the officer by Mr. Reed, agreed the search was illegal and suppressed the evidence seized from Mr. Reed's client. The case is being dismissed by the State of Georgia.

Felony Marijuana Charge: DISMISSED

A client recently charged with felony possession of marijuana had her charges dismissed by the district attorney's office.

Felony False Imprisonment Charges DISMISSED

A client charged with a felony false imprisonment and criminal trespass had the felony dismissed and entered a time-served sentence to criminal trespass.

Jury Trial for Driving on Suspended License: NOT GUILTY

A client was charged with driving on a suspended license in Cherokee County State Court and after a one-and-a-half day jury trial, the jury found Mr. Reed's client not guilty. Had he been convicted, he would have faced jail time. Needless to say, Mr. Reed's client and his client's wife were very happy with the results.

Young Man Charged with False Imprisonment Sex Case: CHARGES DISMISSED

Client charged with False Imprisonment was dismissed by the prosecutor in a multi-defendant case involving sexual offenses against the lead co-defendant. The client was very happy and pleased with success.

2 DUIs Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client had two consecutive DUIs and both cases were reduced to reckless driving, saving his license and from serving time in jail.

Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon: CHARGES DISMISSED

Client was charged with possession of a firearm by convicted felon, charge was dismissed.

Felony Theft Offense Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Client charged with felony theft offense was reduced to a misdemeanor and time served. He was looking at a long-term prison sentence if convicted.

Three Theft Cases in Two Separate Courts: CHARGES DISMISSED

Client had three separate theft offenses, including theft of services and deposit account fraud, which was a felony, in two separate courts. All three offenses were dismissed by the prosecutors handling the cases.

Felony Aggravated Battery Charges Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Client charged with aggravated battery, one of the more serious offenses in Georgia, providing for a prison term of 1 to 20 years, reduced to a misdemeanor battery by the prosecutor after a rigorous investigation and negotiation. Client was also on felony probation when he was charged with the new offenses and the probation officer agreed to release the client on time served and returning the client to probation. Client was facing a long-term prison sentence if convicted of the new felony.

College Student has Possession of Alcohol by a Minor Offense Dismissed

Client in college had two minor under possession of alcohol offenses and the prosecutor dismissed one. She entered a conditional discharge to the second, which should keep her record clean.

Probation Warrant Dismissed and Client Returned to Probation

Client facing probation revocation in a felony drug case who had been arrested twice for new misdemeanor charges and facing a minimum of two years in prison. Her probation warrant was dismissed and she was returned to probation under the same terms and conditions as originally sentenced. She also saved her first offender status. The other two cases were resolved without additional jail time and she returned to probation with all terms and conditions in place.

Felony Criminal Damage to Property and Terroristic Threats Reduced to Misdemeanors

Client charged with criminal damage to property along with terroristic threats and the prosecutor agreed to reduce his felony charges dismissed and the client entered a negotiated plea to misdemeanor charges. Client was pleased that the felonies were dismissed and happy with the results of probation.

Alleged Blue Light Bandit Acquitted by Jury

State of Georgia vs. Christopher Jackson

Jury Acquits Accused Police Impersonator

Georgia Court of Appeals Agrees with Mr. Reed and Suppresses Evidence

Woman Found Not Guilty of Aggravated Assault

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