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Charged With a Theft Offense in Georgia?

Theft charges are serious crimes that can affect you greatly should you be convicted of a crime. They encompass a wide range of crimes, including, but not limited to:

  • Shoplifting
  • Grand theft auto
  • Armed robbery
  • Robbery
  • Credit card and Identity fraud

Many of these charges can include additional penalties, depending on the nature of the crime. Those involving weapons or where crossing state lines – such as in credit card fraud – occur, can result in federal charges and multiple counts. All of these can add greatly to the potential sentence that someone convicted of the crime may face.

If you find yourself facing theft charges, contact a Canton criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Benjamin Bradley Reed can provide you with skilled and aggressive legal representation when you are facing these serious charges.

Avoiding a Conviction

A conviction can leave you facing jail or prison time, harsh fines, community service, probation, and other possible penalties. A conviction on your record will last far into the future, affecting your ability to obtain a decent job and even to get the housing you want. To protect your rights it is important that your criminal defense lawyer begin to mount a compelling defense on your behalf as quickly as possible. Witnesses may have to be interviewed and all pertinent evidence obtained against you must be reviewed. In order to put up as strong a defense as possible, his firm will take swift action in protecting your rights.

Quality Service in Canton, Marietta and all of Cobb County

His firm provides dedicated and personalized service to every client, ensuring they fully understand the criminal proceedings. Let his team work for you during this difficult time in fighting your theft charges.

Contact a Canton theft crime attorney when charged with a theft offense.

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